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Our easy-to-use Checklist Books are different than any other inspection book you’ll find. Our Checklists have five features that encourage personnel to buy in to inspecting equipment proprerlygving you results, not complaining and indifference.

    1. They are designed for specific types of equipment, with all necessary inspection items included for each particular equipment type, described with precise terminology.

    2. Rather than having to check off every single item, the employees doing the inspections simply circle defects and provide brief comments about them. They still have to check off each section of the Checklist, so you get time savings with no loss of accuracy. (We also provide books with traditionally formatted check-off systems for commercial road vehicles.)

    3. Rather than alphabetize items, or list them arbitrarily, our Checklist Books list items in circle-check sequence. We organize the inspection items on each Checklist in a way that’s practical to the people doing the inspections in the field.

    4. All Checklists are visually simple and clear so employees can easily locate inspection items and see what needs to be inspected.

    5. Each Checklist Book has the same standardized layout regardless of equipment type, so there’s no confusion and no need for learning new formats.

 Each Checklist Book includes:

  • 150 inspection Checklists (6-7 month supply for single-shift operations).
  • 2 copies for each inspection—a carbonless tear-out and a permanent copy that stays in the book so it will never be misplaced.

Checklist Books Have Many Uses.

  • In additon to inspections, the Checklist format is perfect for conducting audits and safety walk-arounds.
  • The Checklists can be used to train employees how to properly inspect equipment before use.
  • The inspection information gathered provides valuable guidance to management, maintenance, and safety personnel.

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Inspection Books

Equipment, Machines, Assets & Reports

Product Name Code
Aerial Work/Elevating Platform 2-011
Asphalt Paver Pavement Equipment 2-031
ATV, Personnel & Burden, Utility Carrier, Golf Cart 2-019
Backhoe Loader & Tractor 2-013
Battery Charging & Area 2-007
Chainsaw 2-034
Clamp Truck - Counterbalance Lift Truck 2-002
Cold Planer / Milling Pavement Equipment 2-030
Compactor Roller 2-029
Compactor, Baler, Shredder 2-039
Compressed Gas Cylinder 2-010
Compressor / Pump 2-043
Crane - Bridge, Jib, Gantry Crane & Hoist 2-006
Crane - Crawler 2-033
Crane & Hoist Equipment (General) 2-032
Digger Derrick (Tracked) 2-041
Dozer 2-017
Drilling, Boring, Coring, Auger 2-040
Excavator 2-014
Fork Lift - Counterbalance Trucks 2-001
Fork Lift - Narrow Aisle Pallet Trucks/Stackers 2-004
Fork Lift - Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks/Order Pickers 2-003
Fork Lift - Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler 2-018
Generator 2-042
Grader/Plow 2-016
Groundskeeping - Cutter, Trimmer, Blower, Vacuum, Sprayer 2-035
Ice Resurfacing Machine 2-023
Litter/Leaf Vacuum/Blower Equipment/Ride-On 2-026
Mobile Crane & Boom Truck 2-005
Mowing / Tractor 2-028
Mowing Equipment - Push, Pull, Ride-On Mowers 2-024
Propane Cylinder Inspection / Receiving 2-009
Propane Filling Equipment & Area 2-008
Rail Car Mover - Mobile 2-022
Rigging / Slinging "Accessories" 2-037
Rigging / Slinging "Equipment" 2-036
Rigging / Slinging COMBO "Equipment & Accessories 2-038
Scraper 2-044
Sidewalk/Pavement Sweeper, Snow-Plow/Blower /Ride-On 2-025
Skid Steer Loader 2-012
Sweeper / Scrubber Ride-On & Walkie 2-020
Wheel Loader 2-015
Wood/Brush Chipper 2-027
Workplace/Worksite Instant Reporter 2-021