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Perceptions of Safety with Fluke Corporation’s Third Annual Electrical Safety Survey

We can all agree that workplace safety is important. However, there can be significant differences in perceptions of what safety measures are considered adequate. Each year, Fluke conducts a survey...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness, workplace safety

Protecting your people is job number one

Equipment inspections shouldn’t be viewed as a burden but as opportunities to reduce costs, improve productivity, gain a competitive advantage, and ensure safety.
2 min read

Better Checklists mean Safer Workplaces

Pre-use equipment inspections go by many names. Sometimes, they’re called daily inspections, circle checks, pre-use inspections, pre-start inspections, pre-operation inspections, pre-op checklists,...
2 min read

Topics: checklist design, inspection basics

Do regular inspections lower maintenance costs?

Inspections and maintenance go hand-in-hand. When maintenance inspections are conducted properly, you gain an insightful evaluation of the condition of the equipment, allowing you to determine what...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, equipment maintenance

4 ways management benefits from strong inspection practices

Inspections ensure that equipment is safe before use and help reduce maintenance costs. Inspections also provide leadership with insightful evaluations of the condition of equipment, allowing...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices

Pouches by The Checker - How It's Made!

The Checker storage pouches are convenient containers for many items. These weather-proof pouches were initially made as safe holders for The Checklist Books but over time our customers have found...
2 min read

Topics: Storage Pouches

Class Hazard Ratings Explained

A hazard, as defined by Safeopedia.com, is any object, situation, or behavior that has the potential to cause injury, ill health, or damage to property or the environment. There are health and safety...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices

Don't Wait! How Better Inspections Prevent Incidents

A workplace incident is any unexpected event that disrupts regular work activity and operations and can potentially cause significant risk for everyone involved. An incident that resulted in an...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices, safety audits

Inspecting Ventilation Systems

A workplace inspection is a critical examination of the different aspects of the workplace, including processes, people, productivity, and risks. It is conducted to prevent the occurrence of...
3 min read

10 Examples of Safety Observations

Using a safety observation report is a useful method for identifying unsafe conditions and actions. It’s important to report all details pertaining to onsite safety. Anyone can report potentially...
3 min read

Topics: why inspect?, safety awareness, inspection best practices


Learn how inspections can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety in a systematic way that can be sustained as a competitive advantage.