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Inspection Checklists for the 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

According to the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, an estimated   275 workers die each day  in the US due to hazardous working conditions. The AFL-CIO 2021...
4 min read

Topics: why inspect?, inspection software

Why You Should Make Your Workplace Checklists Digital

Whether you're running a restaurant, an office, or any other type of workplace environment, there are specific tasks that must be done to stay compliant with safety regulations and protect your...
2 min read

Topics: inspection software, mobile inspections, safety audits

What is the Best Device for Conducting Field Inspections?

If field inspections and workplace audits are a part of your job, having the right tools with you is crucial. You'll be entering potentially dangerous work environments while navigating through...
2 min read

Topics: inspection software, inspection management, inspection best practices

Ladders: Why Does This Simple Equipment Require Complex Inspections?

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that ladders were involved in 20% of fall injuries among workers, with hospitals reporting that 81% of the fall...
3 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, equipment maintenance, asset management

The Misunderstood Risk of Stored Energy

Stored energy can be mechanical, gravitational, hydraulic, chemical, or pneumatic and refers to the energy stored in machines and equipment. Stored energy hazards exist because stored energy can...
3 min read

4 Hidden Hazards You Can Prevent with Safety Inspections

When it comes to workplace safety, there is no such thing as being too careful—in fact, not taking the time to do a thorough safety inspection before work can lead to some serious injuries for you...
2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, workplace safety

How Loud is Too Loud? Noise Inspections in the Workplace

Your ear can be damaged by long-term exposure to high-impact noises, and regular exposure to sounds above 85 decibels (dBA) can cause gradual hearing loss.
3 min read

Topics: workplace safety

Understand Corrective Actions and Corrective Action Reporting

In fast-paced and high-impact industries, one of the most important things for every employer is having a quick and effective corrective action process. A corrective action process is aimed at...
2 min read

Topics: mobile inspections, inspection management

What Are The 6 Types Of Hazards In The Workplace?

Due to the nature of their jobs, many workers face numerous hazards on a daily basis. Every employer must identify those hazards at their workplace to be prepared to eliminate them and prevent any...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, inspection management, safety audits

Take Care of Your Cranes & Heavy Equipment and Even Greater Care of Your Workers

Cranes and heavy equipment are amazing tools. They can be used under the most trying conditions, working in all types of environments, and operated by many different operators. However, with so...
2 min read

Topics: equipment maintenance


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