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Five of The Most Commonly Missed Workplace Inspection Items

According to Health and Safety regulations monthly workplace inspections are required, and completing them is one of the primary functions of the Health and Safety Committee. Using a workplace...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, mobile inspections, inspection basics

Observation Reporting and the Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is an integral part of the company's Internal Responsibility System (IRS). Its purpose is to identify hazards and make recommendations to the employer to control...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, mobile inspections, inspection management

Avoid COVID Violations and Big Fines in Your Workplace Using The Checker

The Covid-19 pandemic and the associated health and safety measures to contain its spread have forced businesses to make some sudden and challenging changes. Many of them had to quickly adjust...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness, workplace safety, legal compliance

Preparing for the Paving Season

Asphalt paving season is upon us, and it's the right time for contractors to start preparing their equipment for the busy season. So, what steps need to be taken to make the most of these...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, equipment maintenance, asset management

Five Goals of Field Observations

A proven way to verify and measure the effectiveness of an organization's safety efforts is to conduct field personnel observations. Conducting field personnel observations enables the...
2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, workplace safety, inspection management

Safety isn't just for Safety Personnel

No one is solely responsible for workplace health and safety. Why? Because it is simply too big of a task for a single person. That's why the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) expects business...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness, workplace safety

Propane Safety and Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When millions of people lost power in Texas and other southern states, propane came to the rescue for some but others died of carbon monoxide poisoning as they desperately tried to heat their...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness

Keeping Frontline Workers Safe During COVID

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting everyday business operations, business owners and managers must do all in their power to ensure worker health and workplace safety. They also need to...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, inspection management, PPE

Using Checklists for Preventive Maintenance

Did you know? Downtime caused by equipment malfunction can cost facilities anywhere from 5% to 20% of their productive capability. An effective preventive maintenance checklist can help limit...
2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, inspection best practices

Use Checklists to Meet the Standards of Your Industry

Inspection checklists help business owners and employees prevent accidents and minimize downtime. They also help you meet regulatory standards, promote workplace safety, improve preventive...
1 min read

Topics: inspection checklists


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