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Class Hazard Ratings Explained

A hazard, as defined by, is any object, situation, or behavior that has the potential to cause injury, ill health, or damage to property or the environment. There are health and safety...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices

Don't Wait! How Better Inspections Prevent Incidents

A workplace incident is any unexpected event that disrupts regular work activity and operations and can potentially cause significant risk for everyone involved. An incident that resulted in an...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices, safety audits

Inspecting Ventilation Systems

A workplace inspection is a critical examination of the different aspects of the workplace, including processes, people, productivity, and risks. It is conducted to prevent the occurrence of...
3 min read

10 Examples of Safety Observations

Using a safety observation report is a useful method for identifying unsafe conditions and actions. It’s important to report all details pertaining to onsite safety. Anyone can report potentially...
3 min read

Topics: why inspect?, safety awareness, inspection best practices

How to Write an Effective Incident Report

Incident reports are crucial for minimizing the risk of future occurrences. They can be used to prevent more serious accidents and protect the company by saving time and resources. Incident reports...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness, workplace safety, legal compliance

Inspecting Propane Forklifts

Over 80% of America’s warehouses trust propane to power their forklifts. Propane forklifts are quiet, dependable, and versatile. They maintain consistent, 100% power throughout operation, providing...
2 min read

Topics: equipment maintenance, forklift safety

5 Tips to Improve Workplace Inspection Efficiency

Regular inspections are essential for ensuring quality. When done right, the inspection process can maintain a safe working environment and maximize productivity. However, consistency is key. Here...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, inspection management, inspection best practices

Inspecting First Aid Kits

To comply with federal and provincial regulations, worksites must have equipment and supplies to provide first aid care in the event of an injury or illness. However, it’s not enough to have a first...
2 min read

Topics: safety management, safety audits

Best Practices for Inspecting Hand Wash Stations

We unconsciously touch our face with our hands multiple times a day, not realizing we could potentially introduce germs into our eyes and mouth. And with this happens, the germs could make us sick....
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, equipment maintenance

The Impacts of Burnout on Workplace Health and Safety

When most people think about workplace hazards, they think of electrical hazards, fire risks, chemical exposure, slips and falls, and falling objects. You may even think of injuries caused by...
2 min read

Topics: why inspect?


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