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Four features of effective checklist forms

Checklist forms are a crucial element of any inspection / audit program. They offer convenience, uniformity, easy access to information, and more.
2 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, inspection forms

How to Write a Workplace Incident Report

Reporting workplace incidents or structural hazards is required by law under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). If someone is injured or killed in the workplace, even if they weren't an...
2 min read

Topics: legal compliance, inspection basics, inspection management, inspection forms

What Should an Inspection Checklist Include?

For smooth and safe operations, many companies rely on inspection checklists. When used right, clear and effective inspection checklists help assure that your assets are properly inspected—ensuring...
1 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, checklist design, inspection management, inspection forms

What’s up With Your Tailpipe?

The inspection of a vehicle's exhaust system is a critical test. A faulty tailpipe can be the reason why an engine fails this test. Being thorough, specific, and knowing what to check is crucial when...
2 min read

Topics: safety management, inspection management, inspection best practices, vehicle safety, inspection forms

The Payoff of Facility Audits and Equipment Inspections

Company departments or individuals responsible for overall facility maintenance often find themselves in an undesirable position. Whether it’s due to a constrained budget or simply being too busy...
2 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, legal compliance, inspection management, equipment maintenance, equipment safety, inspection forms

Proper Inspections Require the Right Checklist Design

You’ve encountered a few maintenance-related issues with your equipment and decided to utilize the power of an inspection checklist. It’s a fact that the right checklists will make your company’s...
2 min read

Topics: checklist design, workplace safety, inspection best practices, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

30 Years Later - A Safety and Productivity Tool for Now … and the Future

We’re proud to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in business, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future will hold for Devtra.
1 min read

Topics: safety management, OSHA, inspection software, inspection management, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

Don’t Forget the Milk!

There’s no denying that checklists are considered a universal tool in life. That’s true in business, just as it is on our personal life. Most successful leaders use checklists of some sort to keep...
2 min read

Topics: checklist design, take safety home, inspection forms

Beyond Pass or Fail: Grading Audit and Inspection Results

A pass or fail scoring system can be useful in numerous situations. If all that’s needed is a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down, a pass-fail scoring system gets the job done.
1 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, inspection software, risk assessments, audit software, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

Tips for inspecting

2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, inspection software, vehicle safety, inspection forms


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