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30 Years Later - A Safety and Productivity Tool for Now … and the Future

We’re proud to be celebrating our 30th anniversary in business, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future will hold for Devtra.
1 min read

Topics: safety management, OSHA, inspection software, inspection management, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

Don’t Forget the Milk!

There’s no denying that checklists are considered a universal tool in life. That’s true in business, just as it is on our personal life. Most successful leaders use checklists of some sort to keep...
2 min read

Topics: checklist design, take safety home, inspection forms

Beyond Pass or Fail: Grading Audit and Inspection Results

A pass or fail scoring system can be useful in numerous situations. If all that’s needed is a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down, a pass-fail scoring system gets the job done.
1 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, inspection software, risk assessments, audit software, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

Tips for inspecting

2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, inspection software, vehicle safety, inspection forms

Why Inspect All Vehicles?

2 min read

Topics: why inspect?, inspection software, vehicle safety, inspection forms

5 Inspection Books You Didn't Know Existed

3 min read

Topics: why inspect?, safety management, inspection checklists, workplace safety, inspections and profitability, inspection forms

Using Standard & Customized Inspection Forms – The Best of Both Worlds

The forms organizations use to conduct audits and inspections are an interesting study.
1 min read

Topics: inspection software, audit software, inspection forms


Learn how inspections can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety in a systematic way that can be sustained as a competitive advantage.