For smooth and safe operations, many companies rely on inspection checklists. When used right, clear and effective inspection checklists help assure that your assets are properly inspected—ensuring the safety and health of your personnel and protecting your compay resources.

However, if your company has specific needs or unique equipment, generic checklists may do you more harm than good, So, let's take a look at what your checklist should include to address your specific needs.

Unique Design Elevates the Value of Inspection Checklists

Items on inspection checklists should vary by industry and the specific thing being inspected. Generally, checklist items will refer to areas or equipment that are required to keep operations running smoothly. Therefore, for your checklist to be effective, it needs to cover each of the vital components of your facilities, equipment, and other assets.

For efficiency, each checklist item should be listed in the order in which the inspection should be performed. That way, when personnel start performing an inspection, they can logically move through all of the vital components, checking off each item as they clear it, or flagging it if it needs attention.

Easy-to-follow checklists = on-point inspections

Well-designed inspection checklists put each component or area that needs an inspection in its own section, with its own high-level box that can be ticked off as the inspector finishes the individual items in that section. This is not only easier for the person conducting the inspection but also for the supervisor or whoever else will review the checklist.

Every inspection checklist should also provide spaces for all the important information like the on-site contact, the name of the person doing the inspection, the inspector's signature, and the date. It's also helpful to have a section for general comments in case the person running the inspection has noticed anything that needs special attention.


Creating an inspection checklist that’s valuable but doesn’t overwhelm personnel can be challenging. It can be a difficult balance to achieve.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of your checklist with our Checklist for Inspection Checklists. With its help, you can be sure that no item has been missed and that all your checklists are uncomplicated and intuitive—but with all the details necessary to promote safety while also lowering costs.

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