Easy to use, comprehensive and accurate

Our inspection Checklist books are used in virtually every industry as a key part of keeping workplaces safe, maintaining compliance and improving productivity.


A strong inspection /audit progam leads to improved safety, performance and saves money on costs such as:

Liability exposure



Lost Work

Workers Comp premiums

Property/equipment damage

Down Time


checklist books

Best-in-class checklist inspection books

Our Checklists are specifically designed to inspect virtually anything used in your business with a high level of detail and accuracy.

150 inspection checklists

150 inspections in every Checklist Book. For a single-shift operation, that’s more than 6 months of daily inspections.

Standardized design

Although each Checklist Book has specific detail, they all have the same consistent format.

Room for comments

Personnel have plenty of room to make important notes about inspection results.

Easy storage

The Checker’s weather-resistant storage pouches are designed specifically for Checklist Books and are easily mountable.

2 copies

Every inspection book features a carbonless-tear out copy and a permanent copy that stays in the book.

Built for work

Created by safety professionals, our checklists reflect how inspections can be done most effectively and efficiently.


In addition to inspections, our checklists can be used for conducting audits and safety walk-arounds.

Close the Loop

The inspection information gathered provides valuable guidance to management, maintenance, and safety personnel.


See how easy it is to use our checklist inspection books


5 features that encourage personnel to buy in to inspecting equipment properly — giving you results, not complaining and indifference

  • Circle Check Methodology

  • Specific & Precise

  • 2 Different Formats

  • Simple & Clear

Logical “circle-check” order means items on the checklist are in the same order as they are when actually conducting inspections

Rather than alphabetize items, or list them arbitrarily, we organize the inspection items on each Checklist in a way that’s practical to the people doing the inspections in the field.

Detail ensures every aspect of an inspected item is being checked

Our Checklists are designed for specific types of equipment and vehicles, with all necessary inspection items included for each particular equipment/vehicle type, described with precise terminology.

Chose to check only defects or to check all compliant items

Noting defects means inspectors don't have to check off every single item, the employees doing the inspections simply circle defects and provide brief comments about them. We also provide books with traditionally formatted check-off systems for commercial road vehicles.


Visually simple and easy to use

All our Checklists are visually simple and clear so employees can easily locate inspection items and see what needs to be inspected.


We have inspection checklist books for 100s of items

Download this handy checklist to see all the inspection books available