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The Top Causes of Workplace Injuries and Fatalities

No matter where you work, there is always a chance of getting injured in the workplace. Every year, workers get injured or become ill, and they may even experience life-threatening conditions....
3 min read

Topics: why inspect?, safety awareness, workplace safety, OSHA, inspection software, take safety home, audit/inspection software, PPE

Overcoming Change-Resistance When Implementing Audit/Inspection Software

To begin implementing audit/inspection software instead of conventional checklist books, you might need to overcome resistance within your organization. That’s because there are many reasons some...
2 min read

Topics: safety management, inspection software, inspection management, audit software, audit/inspection software

Using Software to Productively Inspect, Audit, and Manage Assets

Regular auditing and inspecting of company assets are an integral aspect of your operational management.
2 min read

Topics: safety management, checklist design, facility audits, safety audits, audit software, audit/inspection software

Proper Inspections Require the Right Checklist Design

You’ve encountered a few maintenance-related issues with your equipment and decided to utilize the power of an inspection checklist. It’s a fact that the right checklists will make your company’s...
2 min read

Topics: checklist design, workplace safety, inspection best practices, inspection forms, audit/inspection software

6 Reasons Checklists Are Effective Business Tools

Want to find a better way to organize your tasks and to verify your most-important ones? Do you have too many repetitive tasks to complete every day?
2 min read

Topics: safety management, inspection checklists, inspections and profitability, audit/inspection software

Vehicle Inspections: A Matter of Life or Death

Regular vehicle inspection is important for every vehicle on the road.
3 min read

Topics: safety awareness, workplace safety, inspection basics, equipment safety, audit/inspection software

Checklists Connect People With Software

To simplify data collection and various daily activities, organizations are increasingly using software to automate their auditing and inspecting of assets. Whether it’s a safety inspection, a...
2 min read

Topics: safety management, inspection checklists, inspection management, audit software, audit/inspection software

Inspections and Safety Audits Safeguard Everyone

Inspections of working areas and safety-program audits are tools used to identify problems before they can turn into accidents and injuries. Inspections and au
1 min read

Topics: safety management, OSHA, legal compliance, inspection management, audit/inspection software

Why Does Leadership Sometimes Undermine Safety to Expedite Projects?

To expedite projects, executives, managers, and supervisors sometimes give safety procedures and protocols the lowest priority. Some even go as far as disregarding them completely. Why?
2 min read

Topics: safety management, workplace safety, inspection software, inspection management, inspections and profitability, audit software, audit/inspection software

What Is the Difference Between Audits and Inspections?

Workplace inspections and audits are not only a legal requirement but also a great way of keeping your operation running without a hitch. They allow you to prolong the value of your assets, keep...
1 min read

Topics: safety management, inspection software, audit software, audit/inspection software


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