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Want to Save Money? Use The Checker

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Tue, Aug 12, 2014 @ 08:40 AM

Smart businesses don’t buy a tool unless it’s ultimately going to help the bottom line.

So when evaluating our product, The Checker inspection checklists, you will of course ask: Will using The Checker to improve inspection processes lead to reduced costs and/or increased productivity?

In this video, The Checker’s president, David Lefevre, explains the relationship between inspections, safety, and profitability.


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Video: The Tale of Three-Fingered Joe

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 06:00 AM

Safety in business is nothing new. It’s as old as business itself. After all, safety is rooted in nothing more than our human instinct to protect ourselves.

The problem throughout history has been that the natural impulse for self-protection often gets stifled. There are several reasons for this:

  • Complacency. Personnel become so comfortable with doing certain tasks that they forget about the dangers.
  • Urgency. In business, there’s always pressure to increase production and lower costs, and this pressure can sometimes become so urgent that it crowds out thinking about workplace safety. (In the worst cases, companies implicitly--or even explicitly—condone unsafe practices because of short-term financial and operational pressures.)
  • Unawareness. Sometimes personnel and employers simply don’t realize the dangers that exist.

How to counter these causes for poor workplace safety? A great way is to relate safety to personel danger. Go straight to the instinct for self-protection, reminding personnel that safety is in their best interest and to always be on the lookout for things that that can hurt them.

This “protect yourself” strategy for promoting safety awareness is nothing new, either. It’s been used for decades, as evidenced in this video clip from 1970 about an unfortunate fellow who came to be known as “Three-Fingered Joe.” The video production may seem campy now, but the message is just as relevant today as it was then—poor safety often has tragic personal consequences.

The sad reality is that there are still too many Three-Fingered Joes.

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The Value of Better Checklists

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 08:23 AM

Routine inspections can accomplish much more than simply keeping regulators off your back. If they’re done properly, they can lower costs and increase productivity.

To help companies ensure inspections (or audits, safety assessments, etc.) are done the right way, we developed The Checker  inspection checklists.

What's different about the The Checker? This video explains.

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Who Uses The Checker?

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Wed, May 07, 2014 @ 09:54 AM

Since 2000, The Checker inspections checklists have been used for more than 13 million inspections, helping smart companies operate more safely and reduce costs.

But is The Checker right for your business? Is your company too big or too small to gain the benefits? Does it matter what you’re inspecting?

This video answers those questions.

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Don't Forget the Power of Propane

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Thu, May 01, 2014 @ 11:20 AM

After this particularly long winter, it’s getting time to fire up the grill—finally.

As they turn the nozzle on their propane tank, most people who use gas grills are probably thinking about the warm weather and all the good stuff they’re getting ready to grill—not about how dangerous that propane cylinder is.

Pre-use inspections of propane cylinders will keep backyard barbecues safe.

Or maybe it does cross their mind that they’re releasing an explosive gas, but they figure that it’s no problem because they haven’t done anything to the cylinder since they got it from the store. They’re made safe, right?

Yes, for the most part they are. But even the best manufacturers occasionally produce defective products, and things do break due to mishandling. When you’re dealing with a highly explosive gas like propane, it’s best to always inspect the cylinder before using it, whether it’s for cooking out or any other purpose.

That’s a critical point to grasp for businesses that use propane cylinders. Obviously, the more propane cylinders involved, the greater the risk, and businesses will normally be dealing with much more than the one cylinder on the backyard barbecue.

How to Inspect Propane Cylinders

A pre-use inspection of each cylinder is a quick and simple process that’s more than justified, considering that each one is a bomb waiting to go off. (Check out the video below if you don’t believe me!)

Here’s all the needs to be done.

  1. Before looking over the cylinder, make sure all the valves are closed.
  2. Check the cylinder collar for markings that tell when the cylinder expires. In the U.S., you’ll find the manufacturing date, and the cylinder expires 12 years from that date. In Canada, the retest date is listed, and that’s when the cylinder expires unless it’s re-qualified.
  3. Make sure the cylinder valves have the right protective caps or covers.
  4. Look for valves that are bent, cracked, or otherwise damaged.
  5. Inspect the seals around the valves.
  6. Loosen the cap of the fill valve slightly to ensure it’s not leaking; then retighten the cap.
  7. If any cylinder is defective, immediately tag it and report the deficiency.

That doesn’t take long at all, and when defective cylinders are found, you know it’s worth it!

The following video doesn’t illustrate a cylinder inspection issue. As you’ll see, it wouldn’t have mattered whether one of the cylinders in the video was defective. But this clip does do a great job of showing the explosive power of propane cylinders. They’re not something to play around with—in business or the backyard.


Image courtesy of Pete, Creative Commons.

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Why Choose The Checker

Posted by Shawn Macpherson on Fri, Apr 25, 2014 @ 03:10 PM

Whenever we're considering a new business solution, we ultimately come to the question: "Will this add value?"

Products and services may be fascinating. They may be really useful for some people. But if they aren't going to help our buisness, we're not going to invest in them.

So how will investing in our product, The Checker inspection checklists, add value for your company? We've put together a brief video clip that answers that question in a nutshell.

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