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Inspecting Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Firefighters always have to be ready to respond to an emergency and this means that their gear must always be in good working condition and ready for use. For equipment like Self Contained...
2 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, equipment maintenance

How to Ensure a Thorough Fire Truck Inspection

Fire trucks are the ultimate symbols of safety and protection. Ensuring that a fire truck and all its components are working as they should is what ultimately saves lives.
3 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, equipment maintenance

Five Checklists That Make for a Safer Construction Site

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous work environments with the high amount of manual labor and strong reliance on equipment combining to put construction workers at risk. Falls,...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, equipment maintenance

Ladders: Why Does This Simple Equipment Require Complex Inspections?

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that ladders were involved in 20% of fall injuries among workers, with hospitals reporting that 81% of the fall...
3 min read

Topics: inspection checklists, equipment maintenance, asset management

Take Care of Your Cranes & Heavy Equipment and Even Greater Care of Your Workers

Cranes and heavy equipment are amazing tools. They can be used under the most trying conditions, working in all types of environments, and operated by many different operators. However, with so...
2 min read

Topics: equipment maintenance

Preparing for the Paving Season

Asphalt paving season is upon us, and it's the right time for contractors to start preparing their equipment for the busy season. So, what steps need to be taken to make the most of these...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, equipment maintenance, asset management

Inspections Ensure Safety In Rental Equipment

There are many cases where it is necessary to rent equipment for use in your facility. Renting it for the duration of the project or a specific task is also a cost-effective option. In most...
2 min read

Topics: equipment maintenance

Inspecting Workplace Lighting

Inspecting and maintaining lighting at your business location is crucial and should be performed regularly. Lighting not only illuminates your store's brand but also provides adequate lighting for...
2 min read

Topics: workplace safety, equipment maintenance, facility audits

Inspecting Machine Guards Saves Fingers… And Lives

Unfortunately, even today, there are too many instances of unguarded or inadequately guarded machines in any workplace. Statistics say that approximately 18,000 lacerations, amputations,...
2 min read

Topics: safety awareness, equipment maintenance

Unsafe Shortcuts That Hurt People and Businesses

Shortcuts are a bad habit that some employees practice, but organizations can help change this behavior by promoting a strong safety culture. Here is what managers can do to keep the workplace...
2 min read

Topics: safety management, safety awareness, legal compliance, inspection software, equipment maintenance, equipment safety, facility audits, audit software, PPE


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