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The Ultimate Work-from-Home Safety Checklist

How we work has transformed dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote work becoming a new norm, our homes have become our offices. While the convenience of working from home is...
2 min read

Topics: inspection basics, inspection best practices

Safety Check-Ins for Lone Workers: Protecting Those Who Work Alone

With the rise of remote work, freelancing, and gig economy jobs, more and more people find themselves working alone. These individuals, often called lone workers, face unique challenges and hazards...
3 min read

Topics: mobile inspections, inspection best practices

Understanding Method Statements

Method statements are crucial to workplace safety, particularly in industries where hazardous or non-routine tasks are daily routines. These documents play a vital role in ensuring the safety and...
3 min read

Topics: inspection best practices

Using Inspections to Protect the Public: Safeguarding Workers and Communities

Employers' Dual Duty: Safeguarding Employees and the Public Employers are entrusted with the vital responsibility of ensuring a secure working environment for their employees to fulfill legal...
2 min read

Topics: inspection best practices

5 Best Practices for Effective Toolbox Talks

In the construction and industrial sectors, toolbox talks play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and productivity of the workforce. These short, focused safety meetings help address potential...
2 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, Toolbox Talks

Training Employees for Effective Inspections: Building a Safety Culture

No one comes to work with a plan to get injured. Inspection training is key in fostering a robust safety culture within an organization and can prevent a close call from becoming a workplace...
2 min read

Topics: inspection management, inspection best practices

Winter is Here: How Cold and Snow Impact Batteries

As much of the country has been hit with record-cold temperatures and snowfall, many businesses have learned the hard way about the challenges posed by cold temperatures and snow in the performance...
2 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, equipment maintenance, batteries


Inspection software like The Checker is perfect for reducing the risk of manufacturing downtime. Mechanical components in manufacturing have a high propensity to fail, there are many different...
1 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, equipment maintenance, asset management

Inspecting Confined Space

When it comes to safety in industrial settings, the significance of inspecting confined spaces cannot be overstated. Confined spaces present unique challenges and potential risks that demand...
3 min read

Topics: inspection best practices

Applying Quality Assurance Principles to Enhance Workplace Safety: A Manufacturer's Guide

In the world of manufacturing, quality assurance is a fundamental aspect of ensuring that products meet the highest standards of excellence. Manufacturers invest significant time and resources in...
2 min read

Topics: inspection best practices, asset management


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