Inspection software like The Checker is perfect for reducing the risk of manufacturing downtime. Mechanical components in manufacturing have a high propensity to fail, there are many different forces at work when it comes to mechanical components that can inevitably cause equipment failures.

Things such as:

Wear & Tear: Friction can cause degradation, even in machines that are designed to move a certain way.

Overheating: Also from the friction of moving parts.

Improper or Missed Maintenance: All equipment parts and machines have a limited life span, but ensuring they work as long as they can depends on regular inspection and maintenance.

If scheduled maintenance is missed or issues are not identified by regular inspections, the equipment may fail earlier than it should - hindering your return on investment.


It’s always better to prevent failures than conduct reactive maintenance. This can be done through regular and effective inspections of the health of the machines, the safety of facilities, and the consistency of product output.

Routine checks are essential for the proper operations of manufacturing machinery. You may also be wasting resources unnecessarily as mechanical flaws and failures may waste lubricants and coolants - all while increasing energy consumption.

Routine maintenance can be a key contributor to extending lifespan and preventing catastrophic failures. Routine checks also identify small problems before they turn into much bigger issues. They also improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, inspections help manufacturers save time and money. Well-designed and implemented inspection programs can both eliminate unnecessary downtime and also bridge the gap for operator knowledge.

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Learn how inspections can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety in a systematic way that can be sustained as a competitive advantage.