The Checker’s modules offer important supplemental functionalities that can further extend the benefit of The Checker—allowing you to build an even more robust and efficient inspection or audit program that has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Inspection and audit programs that make use of these modules are clearly mature programs operating in organizations that understand the correlation between inspections and safety and between safety and profitability.

All of the modules are included with The Checker Enterprise and can be added as needed to The Checker Pro.

Actions Module

What happens after an inspection or audit is done in your organization? Is necessary action taken in a timely manner? You can “close the loop” between inspection and action with the Actions Module, which allows you to immediately instigate the necessary actions by attaching to each inspection or audit one or more of these forms:

  • Work orders.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Requisitions.
  • Discrepancies.
Instigate necessary actions

Info Manager

To guide users through inspection process, you can supplement mobile checklists with:

  • Lists of best management practices (BMPs).
  • Company policies.
  • Regulations.
  • Standards.
  • Tips.
  • Images to guide users through inspection processes.
Guide through inspection processes

Observation Reporter

This module can be invaluable, even when inspections aren’t being done. Anyone who observes hazard concerns, incidents, or accidents can use this module to instantly draw attention to those issues. The Observation Reporter gives the software an “eye that never sleeps.”

  • Provide instant reports to the appropriate personnel.
  • Reports can include photo images.
  • Reports can be shared, annotated, and compared by multiple users.

Barcode Reader

Use barcode technology to increase efficiencies.

  • Instantly access the right inspection
  • Identify any asset affixed with a barcode.
  • Track and inventory assets.
Barcode Reader

Advanced Analytics

These analytical capabilities (included with The Checker Enterprise and available to users of The Checker Pro) are in addition to the analytics offered as an included feature of The Checker Software.

  • Custom-personalized dashboards that various management levels can use for analysis and direction.
  • Multiple search filters.
  • Can include GPS data.
  • Executive scorecards.
  • Create and track your own key performance indicators (KPIs).
Advanced Analytics