Inspections Are Required By Law

This page provides you some general info that you already know, which is that Inspecting all of these Assests, Vehicles, Equipment & Machines is a Compliance requirement everywhere.

General Rule

As a General Rule, inspection of most Vehicles & Equipment is required under Federal, State and/or Provincial Laws and Standards in the USA and Canada in ALL Industry sectors. A pre-use, pre-start, circle check, pre-trip, post-trip or other Inspection is required to be performed by Drivers, Operators, Users, Service, Maintenance, Supervisor or other designated personnel before or after Vehicles or Equipment or placed into service.

Laws & Standards

Various North American Federal and State Laws and Standards are currently enacted and enforced by Inspectors. The various Laws and Standards identify and require Mandatory Inspection requirements for Vehicles and Equipment. Inspection requirements apply to: Public Works, Construction, Transportation, Marine, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Retail, Resource based such as Mining, Forestry, for commercial purposes, on public roadways, in other workplace, non-workplace or public or consumer safety applications.

Some examples of Laws and Standards include: OSHA, DOT, FMCSR, EPA, ISO, QS, NAFTA, NFPA, UL, ANSI, ASME, CSA, MOT to name a few. Consult all Federal, State and Provincial Laws and Standards applicable to your Vehicles, Equipment and Inspection requirement.

Perform a Quality Inspection

Specific Laws and Standards require a Post or Pre-Use Inspection and others require a Post-Trip or Pre-Trip Inspection, depending upon the Industry, the Vehicles or Equipment and the Application. Various Laws and Standards will also specify the nature, frequency and details of the mandatory Vehicle or Equipment Inspection.

Keep in mind that Laws and Standards only specify minimum acceptable inspection criteria and requirements. What Laws and Standards don't do is specify a maximum inspection standard. There is no maximum on inspection standards!

Since Vehicle and Equipment Inspection is your front line of defense for identification of possible hazards, defects, repairs, safety or potential problem areas, it is vitally important to have all personnel perform a higher Quality Inspection than the minimum requirements, to perform higher than expected and above and beyond any Standard or Law.

There are many incidents in industry and the world to document, verify and prove that if a person or persons had performed a Proper, Quality Inspection before or after use, that the incident most likely could have been avoided in the first place.