Our Software Products

The Checker Software’s functions and features are designed specifically to improve audit, inspection, and assessment processes.

Our core software solution that allows you to include only the modules you require.


Our complete software suite including all features and available modules.


Extend your inspection and audit programs with important supplemental functionality.

The Checker Software allows personnel to do all their audits, inspections, and assessments on mobile devices, providing numerous efficiencies. You can also use The Checker books in the field while using The Checker Software in the office—you’re still benefiting from the software’s many valuable management tools.



Checklist Format Multi-Format Multi-Format
Administration Dashboard
The Checker Builder
Standard Forms Library
Standard Reports
Standard Analytics
PDF Notifications
Corporate Access to Inspections/Email Notifications
Email Notifications
Admin Controls
Multiple Mgmt Dashboards
Multiple user Dashboards
Follow up Actions & Scheduling
Save & Continue
Attach SOP- Policies, Reg's, Standards
Image Upload
Image Capture
Signature Capture
Custom Form Creation
Form Duplication
Automatic Change Alerts
Track and Inventory Assets
Auto Time / Date Stamp
Auditor Log & Manager Portal
Data Import / Export


Custom Inspections / Audits Optional
Info Manager Optional
Observation Reporter Optional
Barcode Reader Optional
Asset Manager Optional
Action Modules - Work Orders, Corrective Actions, Requisitions, Discrepancies, Log Manager Optional
Security Access based on Users Optional
Advanced Analytics Optional
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