The Checker Enterprise

Gain the full benefits of The Checker software to maximize your return on inspection investments.

Our complete software suite includes all features and modules.

The Checker’s cloud-based software enables you to use any internet-connected tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer, on any iOS, Android, or Windows device to conduct:

  • facility compliance audits
  • safety reviews
  • hazard assessments
  • inspection processes
We have hundreds of pre-built mobile inspection checklists, or you customize checklists to audit, assess, or inspect virtually anything or any process.With the full range of bundled features and included in The Checker Enterprise, you will not only be able to better manage your inspections, you will be able to gather and make use of the data that’s generated to improve safety, increase productivity, lower maintenance costs, and make better business decisions.
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Online Checklist Library

  • Choose from hundreds of pre-built mobile checklists.
  • Each checklist is designed specifically for what’s being inspected.
  • Each checklist has unique detail but a standardized, easy-to-use format.
  • Each checklist is easily customizable.
Online Checklist Library

The Checker Builder

  • Easily design or edit your own checklists for your particular needs.
  • Build checklists for the exact assets or processes you need them for.
  • Checklists can be created with scoring capability for audits, benchmarking, and pass/fail.
  • No programming or design expertise is needed to create checklists.
Build checklist

Easy Administration

  • Set personal reminders.
  • User-friendly interface guides users.
  • Flexible configuration allows access to be given to multiple users across the organization (inspectors, auditors, reviewers, JHSC, management, etc.)

Notifications and Alerts

  • Schedule alerts for specific events (annual certifications, monthly walk-arounds) or situations (e.g., a failed inspection, an inspection not done).
  • Completed checklists are sent in both email and PDF format to designated recipients (maintenance, management, safety personnel, customers, etc.), with reviews, comments, and links able to be attached.
  • Non-compliance issues are immediately red-flagged.
  • Scheduling and reminder tools keep everyone on task.
Notifications and alerts for your checklist


  • See key metrics in one place
  • Easily configure your dashboard to get the most insights out of your data
  • Monitor activity (assets, inspections, personnel, etc.)
  • Keep your whole team informed – create custom dashboards for senior management or other specific business users
Checklist dashboards


  • Track and manage activity with a range of out-of-the-box reports.
  • Present inspection/audit information in an easy-to-read format.
  • Create custom reports.
  • All data is downloadable.
checklist reports

Standard Analytics

  • Spot trends and identify issues.
  • Analyze data and gain important business insights.
  • Use archived data.
Checklist analytics


  • Permanently store and easily access data so you’re always ready for regulatory or management reviews.
  • Maintain a historical record of inspection/audit activity
  • Keep documentation for compliance
Checklist records

Modules Included

All of The Checker’s modules are bundled into The Checker Enterprise. Each module offers important supplemental functionalities that can further extend the benefit of The Checker—allowing you to build an even more robust and efficient inspection or audit program that has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Inspection and audit programs that make use of these modules are clearly mature programs operating in organizations that understand the correlation between inspections and safety and between safety and profitability.

Learn more about The Checker Modules.

Using The Checker

The Checker software can be used to audit, assess, or inspect:

  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • JHSC audits
  • Job sites
  • Machinery
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles & trailers
  • Maintenance

The Checker has been used to conduct over 20 million inspections and audits for users in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Aviation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transport
  • Fire / EMS
  • Energy
  • Waste Management
  • Municipalities
  • Government
  • Automotive
  • Property Management

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