The Checker storage pouches are convenient containers for many items. These weather-proof pouches were initially made as safe holders for The Checklist Books but over time our customers have found they are also great for storing remote controls, earplugs, safety glasses, gloves, first aid, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, PPE, masks, pads, parts, tools and just about any other small item you might need on the job. The pouches can be customized to just about any size and many organizations put custom graphics like logos or safety messages on them too.

Not everyone knows this but we make the pouches right here in North America. These extremely durable containers are made of hand-stitched vinyl material with heavy-duty zipper enclosures to keep your items secured.

Two industrial-strength Velcro are sewn into the back of these pouches, allowing users to mount, store, and remove pouches from mounting locations. We have seen them in offices, lunchrooms, warehouses, on the loading dock, in the maintenance shop, and mounted directly on equipment, machines, storage racks, seat backs, walls, and I-beams.

How are the Checker zippered storage pouches made?

First, the roll of vinyl is laid out to a height of 25 layers on a table, similar to an air hockey game. The patterns are placed on top of the fabric stack.

Pouch 1 square

The fabric is then moved to the cutter. The cutter uses a jigsaw-like knife to cut the vinyl following the patterns.

Pouch 2 square

Once all the panels have been cut, they are transferred to the printing department. In the printing department, the white ink is pushed through the silkscreen using a squeegee. The printed vinyl cut parts are laid out on the clean cardboard-covered floor. It takes a few days for the ink to dry.

Pouch 4 square

Once the ink has dried, the panels are moved to the sewing department for assembly. The pouches are sewn inside out.

Pouch 7 square

After the pouches are sewn, the final products are checked for quality before packing.

Pouch 8 square

The Checker zipper pouches come in two colors (black and red) and in four standard sizes. Beautifully crafted and highly durable, you can order The Checker zippered storage pouches here.


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