Inspections can do much more than ensure regulatory compliance.

They can save you money.


Why Choose The Checker?

  • Checklists for 100s of equipment types.
  • Based on practical work experience.
  • Operator-friendly design that encourages use.
  • Two formats-books or digital (or combo).

Industry-proven since 2000, The Checker provides the best solution you’ll find for maximizing cost-savings with inspections.


Try our Inspections on Mobile Devices

Digital inspections are simple to use and meet all the compliance requirements of books.

  • No software to purchase.
  • Intuitive.
  • Comprehensive inspection data reporting and analysis.
  • Asset and personnel tracking capabilities.

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Yellow hardhat and old leather glovesInspections and Profitability

Equipment acquisition typically accounts for only about 20 percent of equipment cost—the rest is operating and maintenance expense. That’s why inspecting equipment is so critical to the bottom line.

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