Companies that aren’t using software for audits and inspections often cite the following concerns when justifying why they’re still using paper forms: 

  • Software will be difficult and time-consuming to set up 
  • Software will be challenging for personnel to learn how to use 
  • Software will be met with resistance from older personnel who aren’t computer-savvy. 

While we understand that the uncertainty of change can be worrisome, these concerns are not legitimate reasons to put off a move to software, which is the inevitable future of audits and inspections. With The Checker Software, each of these worries is unfounded. 

Easy to Get Started 

The Checker Software is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, and it requires no IT expertise to begin using it. There’s no loading and technical configuration of software required. There’s no complex integration with existing internal systems. You simply create an account on the web, log in, and begin using the software’s many features—on any device connected to the internet (PC, tablet, or phone). 

Easy to Use 

Put simply, if you can press buttons, you can use The Checker Software. Its user interfaces, dashboards, and communication and reporting tools are so intuitive that they’re self-explanatory. The software guides users to such a degree that there’s virtually no learning curve. If you can fill out a simple application online, you can use The Checker Software with no problem.  

The Checker Software is not a confusing, intricate, difficult-to-master software tool like an ERP system, in which audit and inspection functionality is buried amid many other functions. Our software’s sole purpose to make it easier and more-efficient to conduct audits and inspections. 

Easy for Non-Techies to Like 

Older workers are often stereotyped as being reluctant (or even unable) to use computer technology. But this is largely a myth. Computers are so ingrained in our society now that, as the saying goes, “my grandmother is on Facebook.” The internet, email, and texting have been around for more than 20 years—and all put the most extremely technophobic people (who probably aren’t still in the workforce) have become accustomed to using these tools.  

Even those who were initially reluctant have come to appreciate the advantages of computer technology, and they aren’t going to balk at a software tool that will make it easier for them to conduct audits and inspections. 

And think about younger workers whom you’re hiring and promoting. Even if they’re not “technical” people, per se, they’re likely to regard paper audits and inspections as antiquated and inefficient. When choosing between working for a company that uses software and one that uses paper, they’re probably going to consider the one that uses software as more desirable and modern (all else being equal). 


You can gain the many benefits of software in your audit and inspections processes with The Checker Software—without the challenges of implementing and using a complex tool that requires technical aptitude. 

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