Safety audits aren’t exactly the same as safety inspections. Audits typically examine and evaluate whether safety programs and practices are meeting an organization’s overall business goals, while inspections are frequent, consistent assessments of specific hazards, risks, and other issues that might prevent a company from operating safely.

Safety Audits Exist to Keep Personnel Safe. 

Safety audits are designed in a way that ensures every necessary evaluation of the assets a company has is carried out. They are made to cover every aspect of an operation that could go wrong and to make sure proper inspection of each of those parts is performed regularly to ensure that next to nothing can go wrong. In essence, safety audits, as long as they are performed thoroughly and regularly, will lower the possibility of injuries to a bare minimum.

However, safety audits don't only ensure the health of personnel is kept. They also make sure that assets operate at full capacity, which in turn, ensures the company is not wasting funds and is operating at full capacity. In that sense, safety audits are more than operations that provide the safety of personnel; they also ensure the company is functioning smoothly without losing any valuable time or resources.

Even though safety audits are not always required by law, they are still there to ensure a company like yours is in compliance with all safety legislation. This compliance is often the only thing that keeps the company from being sued, which is another reason why safety audits matter greatly. For American companies, this is even more important, as safety audits are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Organization (OSHA).


As you can see, safety audits are there to ensure several vital things that keep a company running smoothly. All in all, they are good for business and should never be ignored or underestimated. You can ensure that each audit and inspection goes smoothly and 100% efficiently by opting to use The Checker Software or one of our Checklist Books. We’ve designed them to improve your audits and inspections, so take a look and get in touch with us if you want to learn more!

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