Caution-1.pngImplementing inspection and audit software impacts many departments in your business. Most organizations remember to consult with operators, safety and management but commonly overlook maintenance.

 Discovering deficiencies means your process works

A typical inspection software implementation outcome is finding more deficiencies. This is a good thing because it means your process works and you are actually discovering the kinds of things you intend to prevent. When audit and inspection software has just been implemented, we see organizations often find many deficiencies; far more than they have in the past and likely far more than they will in the future.

 The hump in the snake

This is the "hump in the snake" effect. As your team sees what gets caught in the new inspection program, both specific and systemic issues, they can work to reduce those. The unintended consequence of all this is that each deficiency needs to be remediated and “the hump” can create a surge of new work orders. If maintenance is not aware that “the hump" is coming, it is inevitable they will be under-resourced and unprepared.

 Make maintenance part of the core team

By including maintenance as part of the project implementation team they can contribute to both ensuring success in post-implementation phases but also in providing the maintenance perspective on how audits and inspections are conducted.

 When maintenance sees the big picture and understands how “the hump” will be a temporary state they can help ensure it is managed effectively. By being onboard, maintenance can help demonstrate the success of the new program.

 Closing the loop is essential

Performing audits and inspections simply for the sake of doing them it not the goal, rather you want to genuinely improve your work environments, demonstrate compliance and ensure the safety of workers. To do this, organizations need to identify deficiencies, address the cause and remediate the issues. This closed loop requires maintenance’s help. 

 The bottom line

To ensure you have the most successful implementation, it is critical you consider how a more efficient and effective process will affect everyone who is part of the audit and inspection process.

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