Today more than ever, it's imperative for state agencies, organizations, and businesses to ensure their facilities are sufficiently prepared to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, thorough inspections are vital to ensure that the workforce remains healthy and stays safe during these trying times.

Challenges Facing Health and Safety

A major threat to employees' lives is their workplace environment. This is especially true for workers who, due to the nature of their job, come into contact with large numbers of people. Lack of knowledge, preparation, and a proper inspection program can be costly—to people’s lives and the bottom line. 

For instance, it’s especially important for healthcare facilities and nursing homes to have established inspection protocols due to the vulnerability of the elderly and people with underlying illnesses. By making sure everything is satisfactory, these organizations can protect patients and residents, as well as workers, and operate with less fear of infection.

Inspections are also vital for agencies and organizations overseeing the security and safety of drugs, vaccines, and other biological products for human (and pet) use, as well as the security of the food supply, dietary supplements, cosmetics, tobacco products, and other commodities.

To reduce the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses, employees, customers, and the public, it’s vital for all employers and employees to execute their inspection programs properly. For employers who already have disaster planning in place, updating their inspection processes should go smoothly with the right guidance. 


Based on decades of experience working with our clients from diverse industries, we believe most organizations and firms understand and appreciate their responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers, customers, and the products they manufacture or produce—and proper inspection of every organization's processes is a vital step to protect against COVIS-19 and other health-related risks. 

You can ensure that each of those steps goes smoothly and efficiently by choosing to use The Checker Software or one of our Checklist Books. Please take a look and get in touch with us to learn more.

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