Asset safety is essential for the well-being of personnel and anyone who comes into contact with your enterprise. That’s why safety audits are legally required in most regions and for almost all even-slightly hazardous assets or operations.

In addition to these regulatory standards, successful businesses embrace safety audits as a way to distinguish themselves from competitors who approach safety compliance haphazardly. By protecting people and keeping organizations in-the-right legally, safety compliance is a fundamental aspect of ongoing business viability.

Sufficient Safety Audits Are a Mark of Best-of-Class Companies

Many companies can operate for a long time without an accident, but unexpected tragic and counterproductive events are always possible.  An embedded safety-compliance mindset at all levels—from upper management to the personnel complying in day-to-day operations—reduces this risk and protects against hefty fines that can significantly set your business back.

This safe, compliant mindset is achieved in large part  through a commitment to frequent safety audits.

Executives and other key figures in companies tend to focus on “business-development” numbers that can easily be attributed to specific operational areas. These leaders need to realize that safety compliance is a fundamental aspect of any business growth and longevity.

Audit Checklists Are Ideal for Tracking Safety Compliance

To best achieve compliance throughout your organization, you need an adequate auditing system in place—empowered by well-designed checklists to guide personnel through the process.

Additionally, IT advances have made it possible to use accompanying software solutions that include checklists and will record actions and entire audits. The software audit checklists can then be fed into larger compliance documentation for proof of adherence and to gain valuable insights into how to maximize the effectiveness of safety measures.


A safety-compliance mindset is needed in every organization looking to be continually compliant with safety regulations and internal goals—and this company-wide respect of the importance of compliance is undergirded by a vibrant safety-audit program.

The Checker specializes in developing software and checklist books your business can use to conduct effective safety-compliance audits and to promote an enterprise-wide culture of valuing safety. Contact us to learn more!

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