Safety champions are crucial for engaging all employees in improving workplace safety and creating a safety culture. Here are some traits of workplace safety champions.

They’re safe 24/7

Safety champions are natural motivators. They know that injuries can happen at any time.

They wear the appropriate equipment consistently, report flawed machinery, and take care whenever they’re on site.

These employees regularly participate in workplace training and do their best to share their knowledge with others, improving overall safety awareness. They show concern for their own well-being and the well-being of others, whether they're at work, at home, or on the road.

They promote safety training

Safety champions know that training is the foundation of success. Safety training helps employees in improving their situational awareness skills and helps decrease the probability of accidents. Safety training provides employees the knowledge they need to prevent accidents in the workplace or in the warehouse. 

They lead by example

Caring for the safety of others and inspiring change is one of the main features of a safety champion. They don’t just talk about the importance of safety while applying a different set of rules for themselves. The pride they take in safety inspires others to do the same.

Even new employees can lead safety with their enthusiasm and help develop a good safety culture. Safety champions in a higher position know that workers are more likely to take safety seriously if their managers show up to safety trainings and follow the same rules as everyone else. They need to understand that safety applies to everyone, and those in a leadership position are not above anyone else. 

They encourage continuous improvement

They always look for new methods to improve general safety in the workplace, and they recognize that there is always room for improvement. These kinds of safety measures create continuity and stability, which will lead to more efficient methods to complete simple tasks. 

They implement action

In the case of an emergency, a solid action plan can protect all employees from various potentially dangerous circumstances. Safety leaders create and institute recovery policies that can deal with complex and unforeseen situations. Action plans determine all required processes to intervene if a disaster occurs. These safety champions will often also take on a management role.

They understand the human factors

A person’s state of mind significantly influences their attitude towards health and safety, and champions will try to understand and address these factors to reduce safety errors. Rushing, frustration, fatigue, and complacency often lead to injuries as much as the hazards themselves, and champions must encourage their coworkers to slow down, take breaks, and always choose the safest way. For a champion, safety is the most important factor in the workplace. Yes, there are timelines, but that’s not a reason to put people's lives in danger. 


No matter their role in the organization, every employee can become a safety champion by implementing the rules themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

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