When it comes to inspections, efficiency means making better decisions which is good for supervisors. Here are 10 more ways inspection software can make supervisors' lives easier so they focus more on high-value tasks.

  1. Data Collection allows for necessary and relevant items to be accurately and consistently accounted for and carefully inspected.
  2. Inspection results and analytics are easier to review with the proper tools and equipment to further analyze and report on the data found.
  3. A user-friendly interface is provided for users to easily understand the program and its function, allowing for a quicker and easier inspection process.
  4. Creating and performing a checklist inspection is quicker and faster.
  5. The results of the inspection can generate alerts for corrective action based on the tracking and results of the inspection.
  6. Inspection submission is instantaneous
  7. Features and functions that help users stay on track with their inspections, such as reminders, workflows, and templates.
  8. It can help identify issues and complications that need to be addressed and can assist in organizing the necessary repairs and fixes, effectively closing the loop.
  9. Tracking is an important part of inspection, as it essentially allows you to keep a record of all important and minor details of the repair needs for equipment and infrastructure.
  10. The risk of error is reduced, increasing the consistency of accurate inspections. This helps us know for certainty the state of safety and health.

Overall, inspection software provides features that not only increase the ease and efficiency of inspections but also the accuracy, leading to more productive inspections that strengthen the organization’s safety culture.


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