Want to find a better way to organize your tasks and to verify your most-important ones? Do you have too many repetitive tasks to complete every day?

Even when a task requires taking simple steps, sometimes we forget or accidentally skip a step. To ensure consistency and reduce errors in carrying out a duty, you should turn to one of the most beneficial business tools—checklists. We present you with six strong reasons why checklists are so effective.

1. Productivity

When using a checklist or audit/inspection software, you will make fewer or no mistakes and complete repetitive tasks more efficiently and quickly. This helps you become more productive because you get more time in a day to accomplish other important tasks.

2. Delegation

Creating a checklist requires you to break down all major tasks into smaller and more specific tasks. This makes us more comfortable and confident that all tasks will be done correctly, so we delegate more and become more productive.

3. Organization

With a properly configured checklist, you will be sure that no steps in a process will be skipped or forgotten. Checklists are easy to use and help us stay more organized in managing various tasks. One of the simplest forms of checklists is a to-do list that keeps all your items and tasks to complete in one place. Anyone can find this tool useful because it allows you to schedule important activities and not let anything “slip through your fingers.”

4. Creativity

Following through a checklist means less stress and fewer drills. By mastering all the tedious, repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to utilize more of your focus and brainpower for creative activities. With more free time and fewer things on your mind, you will be able to think more clearly.

5. Motivation

Because using checklists can make us more successful, they also motivate us to take timely action and complete our daily tasks. Our brains release dopamine when we achieve even the smallest success, and dopamine is connected to motivation, learning, and pleasure. We are eager to repeat the activities that led to success, so checklists can lead us into a virtuous cycle of motivation where we will always be ready to accomplish more things and achieve better results.

6. Saving Lives

Checklists have also been known to (literally) save lives. For example, when surgical teams started implementing the use of checklists, deaths were reduced by 40%. During the second demonstration flight of the B-17 bomber during WWII, the aviator crashed the plan. After the accident, pilots were required to use a checklist before taking off. To this day, pilots still use the same type of checklist that helps them avoid crashes.


Recognized as a potent business tool that has proven invaluable to work in a wide variety of circumstances and industries, checklists ensure that you will not forget anything. Even the most complex tasks—such as flying a commercial airliner, performing open-heart surgery, or building a modern skyscraper—benefit from the use of checklists.

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