The hazardous nature of construction is the reason why there are so many regulations to achieve compliance. Construction environments are made up of many potentially dangerous materials, equipment, and activities; therefore, audits are necessary to ensure sites are safe for workers.

Different projects demand different audits and inspections. There may be multiple audits that take place throughout the entire building process. And construction projects require inspection before the project is deemed complete. These inspections can involve many people, including third parties, and potentially cost thousands of dollars. However, with audit inspection software, the process can become more efficient and seamless while also significantly less compared to traditional methods. Here’s why:

Increased audit frequency. The digital nature of audit inspection software means that inspectors can conduct audits more frequently and more consistently. Inspectors are able to go into the field daily.

Ensure compliance. Keeping accurate records of audits and inspections are included in federal and state requirements for construction sites. Digital records can be time-stamped and validated with e-signatures.

Digital data in one place. Keeping paper records means physically storing paper in an office. Paper can degrade over time, can be misplaced, lost, or damaged. Paper files also take up physical space. When using audit software, all your digital files can be stored in one account in the cloud, typically having a backup feature. This means your files are accessible anywhere, anytime through remote access. This convenience saves you money because there’s no need to drive to the office to gather stored documentation or pay someone to sift through stacks and folders of paper files.

Better decision-making. Collecting and recording data with an audit software solution means the data is easier to analyze. You will have access to historical data for comparison with search tools and other software features. Pulling up old information is easy and requires a few strokes of the keyboard. If you were still using traditional methods, the same task would require multiple trips to storage and manually comparing data. This can slow down potentially life-saving actions.

With The Checker, we offer an easy-to-set-up workflow solution to help you assign direct actions and timelines to specific people. Inspectors can be given clear steps through customizable options. Our digital format will save you time and money in the long run.

The mission of audits and inspections is to reduce risk and ensure mistakes from the past are not repeated. Inspectors can track improvements. Conducting efficient and effective audits help save money by keeping you compliant, which helps prevent delays and protects you from hefty fines. The ability to compare data and analyze trends means avoiding systematic and potentially expensive issues down the road.

Our solution provides dashboards, alerts, corrective action, and other tools to help you resolve issues before they cost you. The Checker enables you to conduct audits more effectively, quicker, and at a fraction of the overall costs of manual efforts.

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