Inspections and audit checklists simply aren’t effective when they are too generic.

It’s almost laughable to consider inspecting a dump truck the same as you do a cargo van—almost laughable, that is, until you consider the risks.

Yet it’s our experience that a great number of inspection and audit checklists, even when performed with software, are very generic. It’s a complaint we’ve heard often from people in a wide range of industries. They’re dissatisfied with the specificity of items on the checklists they’re using.

Different types of vehciles and equipment  shouldn't be inspected with the same inspection checklist.This complaint is nothing new. When we were working as safety trainers and consultants during the 1990s, we heard it so often about paper checklists that we created The Checker inspection checklist books. We distinguished our checklists from the others on the market by making them specific to a wide range of equipment and vehicles, with all the precise crucial elements for each exact type included.

The Solution: The Checker Online Checklist Library

Now we’ve taken that specificity online with The Checker Software’s Online Checklist Library. Just as our paper checklist books offered more specificity than those produced by book publishers (instead of by a safety and inspection company like us), our online checklists stand out from the generic templates produced by businesses that are primarily software publishers.

The Checker Online Checklist Library includes pre-built checklists that have all the precise detail needed for hundreds of exact types of equipment and vehicles. Using our decades of experience improving inspection processes, we provide this level of detail without making the checklists difficult to use. On the contrary, they are designed to increase the ease of inspecting.

An example of this is the standardized format of each checklist. While the detail is different, the format is the same, so it’s easy for personnel to switch from inspecting one asset to another without any confusion. Management also benefits from the standardized format, which allows for quick review of results.

Best of all, each pre-built checklist is tied into The Checker Software’s many other features and functions, all of which increase the efficiency of inspection processes.

The Bottom Line

The unique specificity of The Checker inspection checklist books is now available on mobile devices. Our Online Checklist Library contains hundreds of pre-built checklists that contain all the vital detail necessary to properly inspect specific types of equipment and vehicles.

Learn how to begin taking advantage of The Checker Software and its Online Checklist Library.

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