Safety for your vehicle operators and other road users is the most important reason to routinely audit and inspect any vehicle fleet.

Whether auditing the condition of the entire fleet, or inspecting a single vehicle's vital elements, audits and inspections enable you to identify, report, and correct existing (and worsening) defects, potential hazards, and worrisome fleet-wide incident trends. Conducting frequent, thorough fleet audits and vehicle inspections creates a safer working environment for everyone—and audit/inspection software is the ideal tool for conducting and managing these processes.

Good For The Bottom Line

There are also financial justifications for investments in diligent vehicle auditing and inspecting (e.g., providing ample time to personnel to conduct the audits and inspections; investing in technology such as audit/inspection software).

Compensation claims. If your employees are involved in a motor-vehicle incident and injured while driving (or riding in) a vehicle for work duties, the employer will have to file a compensation claim, as that is considered a workplace injury, whether it was a company-owned or personal vehicle. Reducing incidence rates with required audits and inspections is a common-sense way to reduce these claims.

The benefits of increased worker morale. Aggressive auditing and inspecting to protect personnel is a fundamental component in maintaining a safe, healthy, and satisfied workplace—and that's certainly true for vehicle operators. When they feel healthy and better about their working conditions—and trust in the support of their employer—their morale naturally increases. They are less likely to miss work and actually become better at avoiding injuries and incidences--which in addition to obviously benefiting them, reduces business costs. And, oh, yeah .... they're also more likely to work more efficiently. Positive morale is powerful thing!

Supporting the Foundation

Employer safety policies are the foundation of any effort to reduce motor-vehicle incidents. Policies support and reinforce traffic laws and responsibilities, reducing road risk by promoting safe driving behaviors and requiring vehicles to be safe and properly maintained.

The foundation set by these policies takes its strength from how well they are implemented. Audit/inspection software such as The Checker Software is designed to guide and oversee adherence to these policies. It can help turn words into reality.

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