Checklists for inspections and safety audits that are too broad are not effective when it comes to preventing breakdowns. It makes no sense to consider inspecting a dump truck the same as you would a cargo van. Yet we know from experience that a great number of inspection checklists, even when performed using software, are very generic—a complaint often heard from people in many industries. 

Pre-Built templates help keep inspectors on task, providing complete visibility during each assessment and peace of mind while working. These templates help them to properly perform their job with a thorough guide at their disposal. Using software such as The Checker, you can find hundreds of pre-built mobile inspection checklists, or you can customize checklists to assess, audit, or inspect virtually anything.

With clear documentation of their work, organizations can rest assured that the inspections will comply with regulatory bodies. Accuracy is easy to achieve. And by removing barriers and transforming inspection processes and teams, performing an inspection checklist has never been easier and faster.

With software, a digital depository for each and every template can be resolved and edited on the go. Asset inspections can be updated and monitored with unlimited forms and hierarchies built into the software. 

The right set of inspection checklist templates make it easy for you to create and assign tasks and monitor what gets done. The checklist helps keep your whole team on task, and the right checklist will enhance their effectiveness. Daily task completion becomes quicker and easier. 



Using checklist books with pre-built templates is a great start, and you can improve efficiency even more through automation. You can save valuable time usually spent on compiling reports of new and historical data, forward planning, maintenance, tracking, and more.

Promote safety culture in your organization by choosing to use The Checker Software or one of our Checklist Books. Please take a look and get in touch with us to learn more.

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