Inspecting commercial equipment properly makes workplaces safer,  improves efficiency, and maintains compliance. 

So how do you make sure they’re done properly? One essential answer to that question is: use inspection checklists.

If you’re not already using inspection checklists in your organization, you could begin by implementing audit/inspection software that contains digital checklists. But you can also start small by using paper checklists in books. You can naturally move on to more-complex but useful software once your personnel have become accustomed to regularly using the paper checklists.

Completing checklists in a book proves that a specific piece of equipment has been inspected. As every item on the checklist is checked, the employee doing the inspection is verifying that each part of the equipment is in proper working order. This simple-but-thorough process is a great foundation for the later development of more-intensive auditing and inspecting programs that make use of software. 

Inspection Checklists Books That Get the Job Done

For more than 20 years, The Checker Inspection Checklist Books have been making inspections more efficient and effective in every industry. Our books encourage employees to properly inspect because they are so easy to use. Crucially, they make sense to the employees doing the inspections. 

We offer more than 100 different books, each designed for a specific equipment/vehicle type, with all the necessary inspection items described with precise terminology. The checklists are visually clear and simple—organized in a way that’s practical to the employees doing the field inspections, with items listed in the order they should be checked instead of alphabetically or arbitrarily

You can tell that our checklists books were created by safety professionals. It is a reflection of The Checker’s practical experience and knowledge about how inspections are done most effectively.


The ultimate goal of any organization should be to develop wide-ranging audit/inspection programs that make use of the productivity-enhancing features of software. But you can start small—and smart—with one of our Checklist Books

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