Regular auditing and inspecting of company assets are an integral aspect of your operational management.

Software can be much help in this regard. While some companies already leverage different software audit/inspection solutions, many of these solutions have become outdated. In this article, we discuss the most-modern software—and why it's better than traditionally manual approaches.

The Benefits of the Right Software

The main reason to use software specifically designed for inspecting and auditing company assets is to make the whole process easy, reliable, and cost-worthy.

With the use of electronic solutions, personnel can save time on audits and inspections, resulting in cost-savings. You won’t get this with oversimplified, generic audit/inspection checklists, even if they’re digital and stylish.

However, if you opt for an inspection/audit software like The Checker Software, you get a straightforward software solution that's easy and simple to use yet packed with important, useful, and customizable features. What many organizations using this type of software love the most is the fact that it speeds up inspections and audits for less cost than standard, overly broad checklists.

Not paying enough attention to these important asset-management aspects of audit/inspection checklists usually results in later problems, such as malfunctioning assets and work-related injuries. Speeding things along with these generic checklists comes at the expense of employee health and safety. However, with the use of the right software, you can still speed things up without compromising on anything, let alone safety.

What's more, the software The Checker offers can be supplemented with our inspection checklist books. So, for the people who find books more convenient in the field, they can use them, while personnel working in the office can use the software to gain the management benefits.

The Checker Software has even been mobile-optimized, making it perfect for people who prefer to use their smartphones or tablets. Because the software is cloud-based, you can use it anywhere as long as you have an internet-connected device—conducting facility compliance audits, safety reviews, hazard assessments, and inspections from virtually anywhere. 


Asset management, which very much includes inspection and auditing, is an important aspect of your daily operations you can’t afford to mismanage. With the use of The Checker Software, you can easily avoid management mistakes and make the whole inspection process easier and faster. You can choose and add only the modules you require—customizing and personalizing it in the way that suits your business and personnel the best.

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