Regular daily pre-use inspection of commercial vehicles is about more than just inspection compliance - they can also provide real cost savings by:

- Reducing maintenance costs
- Extending vehicle lifespan
- Helping to identify systemic maintenance issues
- Preventing business disruption
- Maintaining a positive brand image
- Keeping dangerous vehicles off the road
Reduce maintenance costs
Regular pre-use inspections can help find minor problems and fix them fixed before they escalate into major problems with big costs. Analysis of pre-use inspection data can also identify systemic maintenance issues. Inspection data can also help you to make better procurement decisions when evaluating parts or overall vehicle performance.

Extend vehicle lifespan
Daily vehicle inspections extend their lifetime as vehicles that are kept in the optimal operating condition use less gas and last longer. Regular daily pre-use inspections also maximizes residual values and puts off replacement costs.

Prevent business disruption
Vehicle inspections identify problems that can cause a vehicle to break down during a job. This avoidance of operational disruption prevents operating costs from rising as you deal with the downtime and disruption of replacing a vehicle that was in the middle of being used for a job.

Reduce the risk of fines
The best way to avoid fines is to not get them. Regular daily pre-use inspection can identify deficiencies before they result in non-compliance with authorities.

Maintain a positive brand image
Commercial vehicles carry a brand sign that advertises the company that owns them. If these vehicles are seen on the road with broken tail lights or other issues — or when they’re seen broken down on the side of the road — it leaves a negative impression of your brand.

Keep dangerous vehicles off the road
Daily pre-use safety check-ups will keep drivers from operating dangerous vehicles. Last but certainly not least, is the human cost - daily vehicle inspections are absolutely necessary because automobile accidents can hurt, disable, or even kill people.


Daily vehicle inspections will ensure that the company is complying with regulations and help keep employees safe. But those aren’t the only benefits of regular inspections. With the right inspection solutions (such as The Checker inspection checklists), companies can both lower costs and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

You can promote safety culture in your organization by choosing to use The Checker Software or one of our Checklist Books. Please take a look and get in touch with us to learn more.

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